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"I remain vigilant, aware, and strong for those who've placed their faith in me. Do not take my kindness for weakness. I stand among those who deserve protection and need guidance.

I was chosen for a higher purpose, I will not fail."

duchess. summoner. warrior.
-- oc fantasy character

❝ Awakening - Part 2 ❞

What energy flowed through such a dormant vessel was enough to stir her whilst in this bed. Where flowers, once adorned ringlets of crimson, rest now dried and crumbled in her barren hands. She had taken life from other sources, for they were batteries for this struggling spirit. It was only Delilah and Lord Orsino that now frequent her empty chambers, no knight dared to venture within and steal a glance of her paled countenance. But lo, did they miss out on a moment they never fathomed would happen.

Breath had filled her lungs anew and a sound fell from her soft lips. Lord Orsino, who had fallen asleep under the grace of moonlight, heard the sound that barely registered in the ambient. Lashes fluttered, as to bat the sleep out of his eyes; darkness made it nigh impossible to see the shapes ahead of him, but memory served him well and he stood without falling victim to a misstep. He turned to where she rested, but hope had not filled his heart, nay, not yet. He perhaps mistook the sound for someone patrolling the hall, or a bird outside their window.

Until he heard her vocalize a sigh that caused his blood to run cold. Surely, this had not been him walking in a dreamscape; had she fully returned to him when his heart had plummeted at the mere thought of never hearing her voice once more? Hurriedly, he sought for her frigid fingers and found them to be welcoming, warm once more, as blood ran rampant in her veins. 

His words came with a tremble as he released her hand and sought the curvature of her cheek and cupped her elongated ear. “M’lady..” A fatherly concern had painted his features, untouched by hands of time. His forehead fell to her own and he felt her breath across his lips. A sound of joy mingled with a cry when he heard her whisper his name lovingly into the air shared between them. His fingers got lost in her hair whilst he cradled her head now to his chest and felt her body come to life underneath his.

"Lord Orsino," the High Summoner’s weakened state allowed her not much in the way of words, for she struggled to simply speak his title while attempting to absorb the light that now filtered through red-tipped lashes. Even with such a darkened room, moonbeams swept through her opened curtains and blankets both of their figures. 

He longed to hear her speak again, to ensure him that this was not a farce, that this was no cruel trick, for his surrogate daughter had returned to him at last. Soft kisses fell over her speckled cheeks and he stared into the sea of green that were once dulled. Lips were parted and she offered a smile, albeit a faint one. She returned to him, to her people, to a land that was devoid of the joy she bestowed upon it. 

Arms sought her frame, gingerly pulling her up from the bed, and this time it was not to readjust her, but to pull her into his frame. He held her there, attempting to not crush her from joy. Lips fell to her crown and Lord Orsino listened to the beating of her heart as each breath hinted at her regained stability. It is there that he whispered her name and uttered the words that would echo, soon, throughout the realms of the Goddesses.

"Welcome home, Lady Fanelia."

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doctor who meme → six companions [2/6]

amy pond the girl who waited

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❝ Awakening ❞

Silence reigned over the land, no sound had blessed the fields of summer, now blossoming with colors that spread like as far as the eyes could reach. The horizon, of ragged stone, had not a threat that loomed over it. Peace had finally settled over a land once wrought with the dreadful dragons. The sacrifice made was well worth it, but for a select few, it only brought forth an anguish that was in the guise of this new-found serenity. Jubilation mingled with sorrow and all those who knew the reason why they lived in tranquility could not offer their smiles.

Days turned to weeks, soon moons passed and Fanelia slowly began to forget their heavy hearts, lifting their spirits as the festival of summer began. But, what of Lord Orsino, the one who sat on the throne that once belong to the Duchess, the man that cared for her throughout her youth and into the cycle of adulthood? The man whose lips dared not to crack into a smile as of late? He could not find joy in his heart, for it was lost the moment she fell into her slumber. His own emotions went along with her.

Here, in her chambers, dust was swept away around her armoire and dresser. The curtains were pulled back, allowing moonlight to lance down to the bed in which her catatonic body now rests. Pallid hands, once rich with life, now are idle and dead across her hips. A freckled countenance was framed with the curls of fire that spread across the pillow in which her head is placed. Parted lips let out the softest of breaths, the only indication that her spirit remained, though it had not been enough to stir her, not yet.

Each day he would visit her, whisper stories into her ear. Each day he would look upon her lovely visage and brush her cheek, seeking the warmth that was no longer there. Her summon, her last summon, pulled the fire from her heart and body, rendering her nearly a corpse to watch over. When not present, Delilah would keep watch over, but she did not wait on baited breath for her to awaken suddenly. She adorned the chambers with flowers and oils; at times she would allow visitors, former students under the tutelage of the Summoner, who would pray to the Goddesses at Sarah’s bedside.

    These prayers, they believed, were falling on deaf ears.

         Their visits were infrequent —for hope had dimmed their hearts.

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The White Tree of Gondor

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