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"I remain vigilant, aware, and strong for those who've placed their faith in me. Do not take my kindness for weakness. I stand among those who deserve protection and need guidance.

I was chosen for a higher purpose, I will not fail."

duchess. summoner. warrior.
-- oc fantasy character


Typewriter Poetry #221 by James Andrew Crosby

Posted on Oct 18— 4 days ago
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Hearing that her friend from realms away, was recovering from a deep slumber induced by a taxing spell, Roxanne leaves a bouquet of irises and a photograph of herself and her companion, Yīng, the Arcanine. The blooms would flourish by her bedside, adding a splash of colour within the room. On the back of the glossy photo, in neat writing, a message was inscribed: "Sarah, the next time we meet, I will see you again with you standing tall and strong. May the gods aid you in your recovery."

And the maiden, who was forced to remain at rest for several passing suns, knew not of the riches that came in the form of well wishes. She needed not gifts, but the sentiment of those she held dear to her heart. Roxanne gifted her with this in the form of a photograph, which caused the basin of the summoner’s eyes to fill with tears. Lithe fingers plucked it from her nightstand and examined the two figures there, captured in this glossy print. 

"The Goddesses shine down upon me, dear friend. We will stand together once more, whether in battle, or simply in a wonderful reunion long overdue." These words were spoken to the very currents that swept in her bedroom from parted curtains. May the winds carry this message swiftly.

Posted on Oct 18— 4 days ago
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I miss your awesome writing, I always enjoyed it that much! Wish we could roleplay again, it was something that I always looked forward to. I hope you're alright and sometime we can write something again with each other, no matter what time. Stay as gorgeous as I will remember you! :)

[ I sometimes never really see these messages because when I log into Tumblr, ( lurkingabout! ) my mailbox doesn’t notify me of anything! I am not sure how old this is, but hello my anonymous friend, know that I love you! I miss writing with all of my partners, I do! I promise I am trying to make some sort of effort. <3 But oh gosh thank you so much for this little treat! ]

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Comm: Lynx by zwxART

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you are Galileo; she is the phases of Venus 

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The first time he calls you holy,
you laugh it back so hard your sides hurt.
The second time,
you moan gospel around his fingers
between your teeth.
He has always surprised
you into surprising yourself.
Because he’s an angel hiding his halo
behind his back and
nothing has ever felt so filthy
as plucking the wings from his shoulders—
undressing his softness
one feather at a time.
God, if you’re out there,
if you’re listening,
he fucks like a seraphim,
and there’s no part of scripture
that ever prepared you for his hands.
Hands that map a communion
in the cradle of your hips.
Hands that kiss hymns up your sides.
He confesses how long he’s looked
for a place to worship and,
you put him on his knees.
When he sinks to the floor and moans
like he can’t help himself,
you wonder if the other angels
fell so sweet.
He says his prayers between your thighs
and you dig your heels into the base of his spine
until he blushes the color of your filthy tongue.
You will ruin him and he will thank you;
he will say please.
No damnation ever looked as cozy as this,
but you fit over his hips like they
were made for you.
You fit, you fit, you fit.
On top of him, you are an ancient god
that only he remembers and he
offers up his skin.
And you take it.
Who knew sacrifice was so profane?
And once you’ve taught him how to hold
your throat in one hand
and your heart in the other,
you will have forgotten every other word,
except his name. —Ashe Vernon, “PROFANE” (via 5000letters)
Posted on Oct 18— 4 days ago
Men are natural warriors, but a woman in battle is truly bloodthirsty. —Old Scottish saying  (via the-realm-of-naeranira)
Posted on Sep 24— 3 weeks ago

❝ Awakening - Part 2 ❞

What energy flowed through such a dormant vessel was enough to stir her whilst in this bed. Where flowers, once adorned ringlets of crimson, rest now dried and crumbled in her barren hands. She had taken life from other sources, for they were batteries for this struggling spirit. It was only Delilah and Lord Orsino that now frequent her empty chambers, no knight dared to venture within and steal a glance of her paled countenance. But lo, did they miss out on a moment they never fathomed would happen.

Breath had filled her lungs anew and a sound fell from her soft lips. Lord Orsino, who had fallen asleep under the grace of moonlight, heard the sound that barely registered in the ambient. Lashes fluttered, as to bat the sleep out of his eyes; darkness made it nigh impossible to see the shapes ahead of him, but memory served him well and he stood without falling victim to a misstep. He turned to where she rested, but hope had not filled his heart, nay, not yet. He perhaps mistook the sound for someone patrolling the hall, or a bird outside their window.

Until he heard her vocalize a sigh that caused his blood to run cold. Surely, this had not been him walking in a dreamscape; had she fully returned to him when his heart had plummeted at the mere thought of never hearing her voice once more? Hurriedly, he sought for her frigid fingers and found them to be welcoming, warm once more, as blood ran rampant in her veins. 

His words came with a tremble as he released her hand and sought the curvature of her cheek and cupped her elongated ear. “M’lady..” A fatherly concern had painted his features, untouched by hands of time. His forehead fell to her own and he felt her breath across his lips. A sound of joy mingled with a cry when he heard her whisper his name lovingly into the air shared between them. His fingers got lost in her hair whilst he cradled her head now to his chest and felt her body come to life underneath his.

"Lord Orsino," the High Summoner’s weakened state allowed her not much in the way of words, for she struggled to simply speak his title while attempting to absorb the light that now filtered through red-tipped lashes. Even with such a darkened room, moonbeams swept through her opened curtains and blankets both of their figures. 

He longed to hear her speak again, to ensure him that this was not a farce, that this was no cruel trick, for his surrogate daughter had returned to him at last. Soft kisses fell over her speckled cheeks and he stared into the sea of green that were once dulled. Lips were parted and she offered a smile, albeit a faint one. She returned to him, to her people, to a land that was devoid of the joy she bestowed upon it. 

Arms sought her frame, gingerly pulling her up from the bed, and this time it was not to readjust her, but to pull her into his frame. He held her there, attempting to not crush her from joy. Lips fell to her crown and Lord Orsino listened to the beating of her heart as each breath hinted at her regained stability. It is there that he whispered her name and uttered the words that would echo, soon, throughout the realms of the Goddesses.

"Welcome home, Lady Fanelia."

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doctor who meme → six companions [2/6]

amy pond the girl who waited

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OH GOSH! <3 Miss you too!

((omg… Roxy and Sarah gotta hang soon!))

[ Oh I know! Haha I need to dust her off and remember how to roleplay on Tumblr again. Aah! ]

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